How To Write An Academic Essay

Besides having fun and visiting parties, college students have to prepare lots of projects, the major portion of which are academic essays. Teachers use this task often since it greatly demonstrates a young person’s abilities to look for information, analyze received data, and present it properly. All in all, your potential will be evaluated correctly. However, crafting academic essays may be quite challenging and time-consuming, especially if this is your first experience of preparing such content. If you do not know what to start with, then find out what an academic essay is, its main features, and a few efficient tips on crafting great content.  

The main aim is to introduce already available facts and provide specific ideas or share new data. An academic essay lets young learners showcase their creativity and gained knowledge, as well as develop existing ideas further. It differs from other academic projects and is shorter than they. It is possible to highlights such features of the academic essay as:

  • length. Be ready to impress all your ideas in the paper that is not longer than 500 words;
  • topic. Remembering about the small size of the essay, a chosen topic mustn’t be too broad and must present a narrow theme;
  • structure. Even though an essay is not long, it must be well-structured, with each idea smoothly coming from another one;
  • central idea. Each essay must carry an understandable point that is powerful enough to be discussed.;
  • personal motivation. The essay must be written on a topic that is interesting personally for the author;
  • supporting data and checked examples. Even if the essay must include a personal creator’s ideas, it must provide supportive facts as well. 

Over time, your writing skills will become better, and the style will also improve. This expertise will be of great help during your whole life, as there is an opinion that people who are good at crafting essays are more confident while expressing their own ideas.  

The Types of Academic Essay

Four types of academic essay exist at the given moment; all of them have their own goals while often featuring the same structure. So, here they are:

  1. Narrative. This type of academic essay resembles a novel in some cases. An author must apply all his/her creative abilities to present the story well. One of the main tools is an incredible amount of strong adjectives. They are used for making the text sound convincing enough. Also, using such words, you will easier create a realistic image in the heads of the audience. All in all, the major task of the author is to deliver a specific message clearly.
  2. Descriptive. Similar to a narrative type, this one also encourages a creator to be subjective and creative. The goal of such content is not just to deliver some message and tell a particular story. It is necessary to choose the words correctly and evoke definite emotions in the audience. You need to select experience, idea, feeling, or specific things and describe it in simple terms.  
  3. Persuasive. The creators of persuasive essays resemble sellers a lot. The main task is to choose the idea and successfully sell it to the readers. You will succeed if the audience will believe that this opinion is the only right one. However, you must be accurate and avoid being too pushy. Hide your sales tactic under nicely-wrapped sentences. Use all possible tools when it comes to supporting your arguments. 
  4. Expository. This type must be free of all your unique ideas and points of view. It should reveal a particular subject and be supported with all possible data. In other words, you should educate the audience and provide real facts. For instance, “How to write an appendix” by itself is known as an expository essay. Good writing contains analyses and factual data. 

Persuasive and expository essays are more common for universities as they sound scientific, while two others are involving more creativity and are subjective. 

A Collection of the Best Ideas for Your Essay

It goes without saying that topics depending on the type of writing. If you are seeking some inspiration, then look at this list of suitable essay topics:

Topics for Narrative Writing

  • tell about your experience of remote learning. Did it impact your grades? What do you think is better: a remote learning or traditional system?
  • craft a story that demonstrates the significance of every person for reducing climate change;
  • tell how your family survived during the quarantine and say whether it influenced you;
  • write a story that proves the importance of modern technologies for society.

Topics for Descriptive Writing

  • tell about the individual who plays the most important role in your life;
  • describe music or piece of art that you have recently heard about. What defines art as powerful?
  • tell how you felt in love for the first time. Can love impact personality?
  • what events in terms of global history have occurred recently?

Topics for Persuasive Writing

  • is it necessary to change the constitution of the countries that allow police officers to arrest people during strikes?
  • should smartphones and other gadgets be restricted in colleges if they do not have an educational purpose?
  • should people continue following distancing rules in the period when risks of getting COVID-19 are minimized? 
  • give the arguments for controlling gun usage in the USA.

Topics for Expository Writing

  • why does the number of teenagers’ suicides keep growing?
  • what strategies may help the world cope with the consequences of COVID-19?
  • what can every person do to prevent the glove from climate change?
  • the death of G.Floyd: what should be done for the prevention of similar cases?

Useful Tips for Writing an Academic Essay

An academic essay may turn out to be a great experience and interesting task if you consider a few effective tips:

  • put a deadline. Do not postpone starting to write content. Plan your time not to miss a deadline afterward. Remember that crafting a great project requires time, so do not wait until the last minute;
  • make in-depth research. It is impossible to come up with excellent content without proper research. It is an essential foundation of any writing piece, so study the subject well, make notes, and think of future structure;
  • write a thesis statement. Even if your project doesn’t require it, please prepare a thesis statement. It will help you understand which way to move on and what things to place the main accent on;
  • craft an outline. Do not start writing an academic essay without a clear outline. Well-known techniques will help you craft a good outline. Besides, you can arrange other helpful information on extra cards, preparing a mind map, etc.;
  • use only relevant data. Your readers must catch the main idea of the content at once, avoid placing irrelevant details, and confusing the audience;
  • make sure the content is unique. Before embarking upon writing an essay on a particular topic, make sure that the readers do not know it, and have not seen similar projects before;
  • use clear sentences. Even though an academic essay is recognized as a complex type of writing, your language should remain clear. Be attentive with every phrase that you use. The readers must understand what you are talking about without the necessity to look up for the word each time;
  • give evidence. Stating some things in an academic essay is not actually enough. You should constantly provide facts that support your statements and ideas;
  • cite properly. The essay that aims to look valid must include references from other resources. That’s why you need to make sure that citing is made correctly, not to face any problems with the author’s rights;
  • proofread the document. When your academic essay is ready, have some rest, and only then return to content proofreading. Use all possible tools to boost the quality and get rid of grammar, spelling, and other possible mistakes. If someone can check your essay, then do not miss a chance to make your writing even better. 

How to Succeed With an Academic Essay?

Now you know that academic essay has different types, each of which features own peculiarities. Crafting awesome content is not every person is good at. If you are not sure about own capabilities to come up with an interesting, unique, and error-free paper, then approach an experienced writing service and order an academic paper. The authors will craft the content from scratch and meet all your requirements. Save time and let professionals do what they can. After all, why waste efforts on an assignment that you do not consider to be important for your further career? Place an order now and breathe with relief at last.