Marketing Research Proposal Topics that Guarantee Your Success

The Best Marketing Research Proposal Topics for 2020

Nowadays, the importance of marketing is hard to overestimate. Modern society is constantly bombarded with various kinds of information, so it is easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed. Marketing is what helps to move the business forward. Not only products but even ideas, cultures, and entire countries can be promoted and turned into a recognizable brand.

This field is also changing rapidly and becoming a subject of extensive research. There is plenty of data for you to explore while preparing a paper. Be careful, though: the marketing sphere is overloaded with various emerging strategies, suggestions, and new approaches of all kinds.

Choosing Wisely among Possible Marketing Research Topics

Choosing the most relevant and compelling marketing research topic is crucial for your success. When it comes to making the proper choice, there are many factors to consider. That is why you must take the following recommendations into account:

  • Filter the unrelated themes and focus on something you are truly interested in. The process of writing will become much easier if you feel genuine excitement and curiosity. 
  • If you plan on starting your own business in the future, this is a great opportunity to reflect on a potential marketing plan. 
  • Do not select topics that are too broad or too narrow. 
  • Make sure that your subject is researchable and feasible. 
  • The topic you choose to explore should stay within the range of your understanding for you to adequately address the main research question.

Hopefully, the following list will be a source of inspiration and help you make the right decision. You may even come up with new ideas and generate a unique marketing research topic for your paper.

100 Brilliant Marketing Research Proposal Topics

  1. Impulse buying and the main factors that influence its level 
  2. Why is social media marketing advantageous for small businesses?
  3. The influence of Black Friday sales on company gross
  4. Is Black Friday a psychological marketing trick?
  5. Different opinions concerning direct marketing
  6. Tapping into customers minds with the help of smartphones
  7. Marketing: an investment or an option?
  8. Common strategic e-marketing issues
  9. How does packaging design influence buyers?
  10. The significance of strong leaders in marketing teams
  11. Loyalty programs as a marketing tool
  12. Subliminal marketing in the film industry
  13. The significance of e-marketing in today’s society
  14. The power of viral advertising
  15. The importance of brand management
  16. Multi-level marketing and its benefits
  17. Psychological tactics used in marketing
  18. How does a brand image affect the buyers’ preference? 
  19. How does humor advertising change brand perception?
  20. Health care services: the main factors of customer satisfaction
  21. Search engine optimization in marketing
  22. Business process outsourcing
  23. Popular trends in internet marketing
  24. How does green marketing impact the environment? 
  25. The effect of service blueprint on customer experience
  26. The importance of communication in the evaluation of the service brand
  27. Customer relationship management
  28. Consumer habit formation and purchasing habits
  29. TV advertising and its relevance in the digital era
  30. Influencer marketing and its possible dangers
  31. Using desire in marketing campaigns
  32. Marketing campaigns standardization
  33. Is language targeting helpful in ethnic minority advertising?
  34. Is radio an effective tool of advertising nowadays?
  35. Marketing challenges for rural and urban areas
  36. Sales and distribution effectiveness
  37. How does mobile marketing affect teenagers?
  38. How does the recession impact promotion campaigns?
  39. Communicating with target customers
  40. Customer retention in hotels: key factors
  41. The impact of packaging on consumer preference in breakfast cereal
  42. The power of outdoor advertising in social-cause marketing
  43. How does environmental consciousness impact consumers’ brand preference?
  44. The role of gender in customer expectations
  45. Controversial advertising and its impact on brand perception
  46. Advertising in a period of recession
  47. Deceptive advertising
  48. Nonconventional distribution channels
  49. The effect of women image in marketing
  50. The impact of advertising on soft drink consumption
  51. The importance of marketing planning in service organizations
  52. The impact of outdoor advertising on politicians’ electoral success
  53. How does television advertisement influence children?
  54. Marketing mix in retail businesses
  55. The impact of effective branding on buyers’ beverage choice
  56. Test marketing techniques
  57. How can market segmentation help to increase market share?
  58. Increasing profitability with the help of marketing research
  59. Facebook as a marketing tool
  60. The challenges of agricultural product marketing
  61. The influence of advertising on service delivery in tourism
  62. The role of price in new product introduction
  63. Integrated marketing communications
  64. Is strategic marketing better than tactical marketing? 
  65. The impact of the price change on consumer goods sales
  66. Promotional mix elements and their effectiveness
  67. The significance of the marketing information system in sales improvement
  68. Recyclable materials marketing
  69. How can a parent brand image influence the brand extension?
  70. How does a brand extension affect the parent brand?
  71. The effect of brand extension on profitability 
  72. Sustainable competitive advantage in business
  73. Customer satisfaction factors in the healthcare system
  74. Organized retailing spread in India
  75. Product development management
  76. Forecasting techniques in sales
  77. Corporate social responsibility as a marketing tool
  78. The difference in sales numbers of two manufacturers selling the same product with different packages.
  79. The effect of marketing on production expenditure
  80. The significance of corporate social responsibility for brand equity reinforcement
  81. What manipulation tactics are widely used by marketing specialists to attract more customers?
  82. Do popular brands truly manufacture high-quality products?
  83. International market entry of Starbucks
  84. How can augmented reality change marketing experiences?
  85. Information technology in the manipulative advertisement.
  86. How does the quality of e-service impact customer loyalty?
  87. Do buyers truly understand a company’s brand values?
  88. The significance of word of mouth in the fast-food industry
  89. Profit maximization pricing
  90. How can advertising break a brand?
  91. How are customers’ needs identified on the Internet?
  92. Google’s paid advertising
  93. Is traditional marketing out-of-date?
  94. How can design help in marketing to women?
  95. Marketing challenges in the 21st century
  96. Gender marketing: sells or repels?
  97. The use of immediate satisfaction appeal in marketing
  98. The main challenges of sustainability marketing
  99. Marketing challenges in a transition economy 
  100. Marketing challenges in newly independent countries

Consumer Behavior Research Topics

  1. How do nutritional labels influence consumer behavior?
  2. How does Brexit affect consumer buying behavior in the UK?
  3. The influence of gender on buying behavior
  4. How does international travel affect consumer behavior for buying locally made products?
  5. Does retailer interest have an impact on customer behavior?
  6. How does a woman’s occupational status affect her buying behavior?
  7. Dimensions of buyer behavior
  8. Are companies that use the tools of mobile marketing responsible for addictive consumer behavior?
  9. How fast does a promotional campaign influence consumer behavior?
  10. The impact of sensory marketing on consumer behavior.
  11. How does branding influence buyers’ purchase intent?
  12. The role of price in a buyer’s purchase intent
  13. Factors that influence users’ purchase intent when buying products online
  14. How does customer support influence buyers’ purchase intent on the Internet?
  15. The impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer decision making
  16. How does sexual advertising influence buying decisions?
  17. The process of consumer decision making in the automobile industry
  18. What factors influence customer decision making in the fast-food industry?
  19. How does gender influence family buying decisions?
  20. The impact of basic evolutionary needs on consumer behavior

Research Proposal Topics about Marketing Strategies

  1. Customer-centric marketing strategy
  2. Push & pull promotional strategies
  3. How can consumers protect themselves from direct marketing strategies?
  4. Uncommon marketing strategies and approaches
  5. Event marketing strategies
  6. Jewelry marketing strategies
  7. Alcoholic beverages marketing strategies
  8. Customer satisfaction strategy
  9. Word-of-mouth marketing
  10. Product differentiation strategy
  11. Online marketing strategies used in Instagram (Facebook, Twitter)
  12. Airline marketing strategies
  13. Personal selling strategies in marketing
  14. Co-branding marketing
  15. Marketing strategies used while introducing a new product
  16. Distribution strategies used by ice-cream manufacturers
  17. Promotional strategies in product marketing
  18. Search engine marketing
  19. Point-of-purchase marketing
  20. Cause marketing strategy

Marketing Research Proposal Topics about Various Fields of Industry

  1. Pet industry marketing trends
  2. Baby products marketing
  3. Marketing of banking products
  4. Brewery industry marketing
  5. Romantic relationship marketing
  6. Ethics in pharmaceutical marketing
  7. Petroleum products marketing
  8. Marketing in the mineral water industry
  9. Marketing in the tobacco industry
  10. Household products marketing

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