Useful Guidelines To Cope With A Opinion Essay

Opinion essay tips

Your teachers or professors might have assigned you to compose an opinion paper. According to its name, this paper is supposed to represent your opinion concerning a given topic. This paper’s length depends on its objective: it might be either full-length or a short one.  

It is necessary to ensure the supporting claims match the paper composition type you are composing specifically. For instance, the observation may be different from the specific statistics. Therefore, it would be awesome to demonstrate clearly the comprehension of your topic and include examples. You should also add potential counterarguments. 

You are likely to compose a paper concerning a topic that is controversial. To do that, you should consider the past claims and the way they fit your argument in the paper. Figure out the way your opinion differs from others. 

What Is the Definition of the Opinion Paper?

The opinion paper is such a piece of custom paper writing on a specific topic. It supposes you to state your opinion, back it up with facts in a clear manner, and provide examples and reasons. 

Despite the controversial nature of the paper, genuine and new thoughts are welcome always. However, you should not keep a demeaning or sarcastic tone. It is necessary to present new claims and ideas carefully. 

When composing an opinion paper, you should consider these things:

  • Utilize connectors and linking words throughout the paper.
  • Make sure the style format is formal. (Do not use abbreviations and slang words).
  • Compose in a logical sequence.

To compose a successful opinion paper, you should follow these three structure stages:

1. Pre-writing

Before you begin composing your paper, you should gather all the required data to back up your statement. Your pieces of evidence should match your opinion that is stated in your paper. 

2. Writing

There must be three sections in your opinion paper.

2.1. Intro

The intro will disclose your opinion and subject in a clear way. You should make sure it features a solid and strong thesis statement that is a sentence or two that summarizes your opinion effectively. 

You might use various techniques to begin composing your paper. For instance, you might address the reader directly, include a direct speech, sentence, or quote from a book or play.

2.1. Main Body

In the body paragraphs section, you should ensure that it features all important points to back up your claim. Start every paragraph with the main idea revealed through a topic sentence to support the claims in the paper. 

You should discuss your claim concerning the topic or even give some relevant examples or facts. While composing your paper’s main body, you should ensure the paper contains appropriate use of linking words, tenses, features strong vocabulary, and use of various expressions for giving reasons in the paper. 

2.3. Conclusion

It is very necessary to finish the paper properly. You must not introduce any new idea in this part. So ensure you finish the paper in a strong way that gives a reader food for thought concerning the data given.

3. Proofreading

Once you complete the writing, you should go over it once again to check spelling mistakes, vocabulary, and grammar. Make sure your piece of writing is 100% unique. 

Opinion Paper Topics

  1. Are personal relationships damaged by social media?
  2. Must universities and colleges be free?
  3. Do you agree that parents are the best teachers?
  4. What are the benefits of traveling for young people?
  5. What are the advantages of socialism?
  6. How is it possible to reduce corruption?
  7. What are the main advantages of learning history?
  8. Must public transportation be completely free of charge?
  9. Is it immoral to use animals in circus performances?
  10. Should people have a four-day week?

The Basic Expressions to Utilize in Opinion Papers

  1. I am (not) convinced that …
  2. As far as I am concerned, …
  3. In my opinion/view …
  4. I (firmly)believe that …
  5. My opinion is that …
  6. I (definitely) feel/think that …
  7. Personally, I believe that…
  8. I am inclined to believe that …
  9. It is clear that…
  10. In my mind…
  11.  It seems to me that…
  12. As I see it…
  13. Another reason is…
  14. My principal reason is…
  15. It could be argued that…
  16. It is widely known that…
  17. The well-known fact is…
  18. For instance/for example…
  19. Research has shown that…
  20. This suggests that…
  21. This proves that…
  22. It would seem that…
  23. This supports the …
  24. In contrast…
  25. Even though / Although…
  26. Despite the fact that…
  27. In order to…
  28. In spite of…
  29. In conclusion…
  30. To sum up…

What Are the Basic Dos in Composing an Opinion Paper?

  • Utilize a formal style. Compose your task as if you want to give a necessary speech.
  • Avoid jargon and slang.
  • Clearly introduce the topic. Do not use useless facts and unimportant phrases that are not related to your topic. 
  • Make sure the main ideas are outlined. Begin every paragraph with a specific, clear topic sentence.
  • Utilize generalizations.
  • When composing the opinion essay, utilize the present tense.
  • Ensure your sources are properly cited.
  • Be logical. The sequence must be logical to let the reader follow easily. 
  • Stay brief.

What Are the Basic Don’Ts in Composing the Opinion Paper?

  • Never use colloquial expressions. Despite the fact the slang language is vivid and expressive, jargon words go and come fast.
  • Never use short forms. Make sure the non-contracted words’ versions replace contractions.
  • Avoid using over-generalizations. Make sure you are precise.
  • Never use statistics if there is no proper referencing.
  • Avoid giving personal examples. Stick to a formal mood and writing style.
  • Never repeat claims. Even if there are similar facts, you should group them like a single claim.
  • Do not use unimportant abbreviations. Your reader must comprehend the things you compose.
  • Do not overuse straightforward and short sentences as long as they are not common for academic writing.
  • Do not utilize the imperative voice. 
  • Do not use dashes, parentheses, and exclamation marks, trying to be discreet. 
  • Avoid addressing the reader as “you”.
  • Avoid using emotive vocabulary. 

What Are the Main Requirements for the Opinion Paper?

  1. Do not go off-topic. You should always write relatively to the task question. If you ignore this rule, it might lower your grade.
  2.  Make sure the initial paragraph is indented. In the vast majority of academic essays, opinion writing is the same. You should indent the first line of the intro.
  3. Add a well-thought thesis. Your thesis is a short opinion paper description. The rest of the paper is determined with it. Add the data you want to include to the main body.
  4. The formal language use. Despite the fact it is normal to compose in an informal way, you should use formal and professional words. For example, it might include “thus”, “however”, “furthermore”, or “as stated by”. 
  5. Do not use Internet slang. Avoid utilizing such words as “LMAO”, “OMG”, or “LOL”.
  6. The first person language use. You might write the opinion paper using the first person.
  7. Do not use informal punctuation. Despite the fact you might use first-person language, informal punctuation is not permitted. For instance, you should not use emojis, exclamation marks, and dashes.
  8. Do not include contradictions. Ensure all grammar and spelling is correct.

Opinion Paper Example on “Family Systems Theory”

“The family systems theory features the huge revelation regarding family relations. I completely agree that to comprehend a specific member or a family, you must be close to other family members. The emotional relation between various family members might generate dysfunctional or functional coexistence that is rather complicated to define if a person is far away from other members. For example, speaking about extended family, the relationships between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law might be tense. However, outside the family, they might pretend their relationships are good. Thus, I agree with the theory that developed culture and existing emotional attachment in a family are completely understood if the family members are close to each other.”

The Bottom Line

Opinion essay writing is an academic essay form that encourages students to add their thoughts and ideas concerning the specific topic. Then, their claim is supported by examples and logical explanations. So if you want to learn to compose opinion papers, you should become more knowledgeable. Before you compose anything, it is important to refer to the necessary data. For instance, it might include requirements, opinion writing examples, topics, and definitions. This is the main difference between the master- and amateur-writers.    

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