Our Ideas for Rogerian Argument Essay

How To Write A Top-notch Rogerian Argument Essay

Carl Rogers was a well-known psychologist. He analyzed efficient communication. He came to the conclusion that understanding the differences is very important. To find compromises and better solutions are essential. People should understand the opposite points of view.

A Rogerian argument essay is an essay that compares and analyzes controversial points of view. It helps to find common grounds for solving a problem.  It may look like an argumentative essay. In a Rogerian essay, you look for a mutually beneficial compromise or solution.

The Structure of a Typical Rogerian Essay

The Introduction that engages the attention of the reader. You may start your essay with a quote or a rhetorical question.

The Body. In a typical essay, there are usually three body paragraphs. In a Rogerian essay, your main task is to mention principal arguments of both sides. The first body paragraph will contain the main arguments of one side. The second paragraph will contain the main arguments of the opposing side. The third paragraph should connect the arguments by finding something in common.

The Conclusion. In it, you should point out your solution or a compromise. You should smoothly transit to it from the last paragraph of the body. In conclusion, you should explain why your solution is useful for both sides.    

Main characteristics of a Rogerian essay

  1. It resembles a dialogue. You cannot talk to your readers face to face. You can approximately imagine their response to your arguments. It is not really talking, but this essay may be a ground for further discussions.
  2. The significance of opinions is balanced. You should keep a balance between your ideas and the ideas of your interlocutor. The ideas should be of equal importance. There should be no prevalence of anyone’s opinion. Your main purpose is to find a compromise.
  3. It doesn’t require your reader to change your opinion. In other types of essays, you can write an argument. You will prove it by stated facts, etc. In a Rogerian essay, you don’t need to make someone alter their point of view.
  4. It is not either descriptive or explanatory. The background information is given by you briefly but precisely. You pay more attention to argumentation.

How-to: Writing a Rogerian Essay

  • Select an appropriate topic. You should be competent enough to write on that topic. You should be able to find enough trusted and valid sources on the subject. Make your topic precise and intriguing.
  • Gather necessary information. Before you start writing your essay, you should read several sources on the subject. These sources should reflect a different point of view.
  • Write an outline for your Rogerian essay. It will help you stick to the topic and structure the text of the essay.  
  • Start your essay from a common assumption. That means you don’t want to impose any opinion. Your aim is to find common beliefs that will lead to consensus.
  • Give a brief account of your point of view. Express your opinion precisely and in a few words. For now, you don’t need to give arguments.
  • Explain the arguments of your opponents. Pay attention to significant facts and concepts. This part is essential. You have to be objective or your opponents may state that you are trying to manipulate. To be objective and just towards opposite opinions is important for this type of essay.
  • Now your task is to point out what arguments are conflicting. You should clearly determine the differences in approach to the subject.  There is a problematic question and you should analyze it. When you define the problem, it becomes the initial step to finding a reasonable step to a solution.
  • Categorize the discrepancies. They may be different and arise from moral aspects, social issues. You should analyze the disagreements and sort them according to their origin.
  • Explain what is in common between two points of view. This part of the essay is essential. In it, you provide meeting points that are crucial for future cooperation.
  • Present your ideas in a neutral tone. Don’t try to impose your point, by all means, using strong arguments. Try to write in a neutral tone using the mild and moderate presentation of your thoughts.
  • The final part of your essay is an agreement. You have provided opposite opinions and analyzed them in previous parts of an essay. You showed common thoughts and ideas. Now you should compose the final part with a common agreement. Write a call for further cooperation.

Important tips to follow when writing a Rogerian argument essay

To write this type of essay is appropriate when you have something in common with your opponent. There should be subjects to discuss. When there is nothing in common, i.e. the views are totally opposite, there is no use to compose a Rogerian essay.

Your arguments should be logical and carefully considered. Use a neutral tone and avoid overemotional expressions. If you are overemotional, your reader will question your objectivity. The number of arguments for both opinions should be equal. This will create a logically correct structure of your essay.

To be objective you should learn the arguments of the opposite side well. To be open to the opposite point of view is an important condition for finding a compromise or a solution. Being open is connected to being respectful. To find a solution essay writer should respect an opposite point of view. You should also be positive about finding a beneficial solution for both sides. To mention further cooperation will be a good idea.         

Topics for Rogerian Essays

  1. To censor websites should be (shouldn’t be) allowed.
  2. Taking drugs should (shouldn’t) be legalized.
  3. Owning a gun should (shouldn’t) be prohibited.
  4. GM products should (shouldn’t) be allowed.
  5. People need (don’t need) death sentence to reduce the crime rate in developed countries.
  6. The use of contraceptives helps (doesn’t help) to lower the number of teenage pregnancies.
  7. Energy drinks should (shouldn’t) be prohibited from open sales.
  8. Modern school education should develop creativity in children.
  9. Medications should (shouldn’t) be allowed to be animal tested.
  10. Smoking in public places should (shouldn’t) be prohibited.
  11. Affordable medical services can (can’t) contribute to longevity.
  12. Home remedies can (can’t) replace ambulatory treatment.
  13. The use of marijuana should (shouldn’t) be legally allowed.
  14. Parents should (shouldn’t) teach their children to use the gun.
  15. Darwin’s theory should (shouldn’t) be taught at school.
  16. Early marriages should (shouldn’t) be allowed.
  17. Advertising tobacco on TV should (shouldn’t) be prohibited.
  18. The government should raise expenditures to eliminate poverty.
  19. The voting age should (shouldn’t) be lowered.
  20. Cruelty in films should (shouldn’t) be prohibited (censored).
  21. Euthanasia should (shouldn’t) be legalized.
  22. Drinking coffee is good (not good) for your health.
  23. People need more (less) sport in their lives.
  24. Pets are good (not good) for your health.
  25. Longevity depends (doesn’t depend) on the state of mind of the individual.
  26. Video games help (don’t help) children to develop cognitive skills.
  27. To have many children in a family is good (not good) for parents.
  28. Parents should (shouldn’t) control how their children use cell phones.
  29. Humanity should (shouldn’t) limit the use of natural resources.
  30. Vegetarian’s diets are (aren’t) healthy.

Rogerian Essay Example

Parents should not control how children play video games.

We live in the age of technological progress. Computers, laptops, and smartphones are used for work and for leisure time during free hours. We stream Netflix, write emails and communicate via messengers. And of course, we are fond of video games. They have become popular among children as well. Sometimes children spend a lot of time playing video games. Should we control children or let them play video games without restrictions?

There are thousands of video games nowadays. Some of them can be used by parents or teachers for the cognitive development of the child. When a schoolchild plays video games, he/she is at home and doesn’t walk around with a bad company. Playing video games improves coordination, problem-solving abilities, memory and concentration, creativity. These games help children to develop a friendship through multiplayer online video games.

Some video games, on the contrary, cannot be called useful or even safe for a child’s psyche. For example, scenes of violence may be used. Such video games cause stress and anxiety. Spending excessive time in front of the computer at an early age may cause the death of brain cells. It becomes the reason for lagging behind at school. The child may also develop signs of autism.

As we see, there may be positive and negative outcomes of playing computer games. It depends on the type of game and the length of time the child spends playing.

Children may not be aware of such things.  Parents should mildly keep an eye on them, letting them play video games that are safe for their age.

Hopefully, now you have a basic understanding of how to write a typical Rogerian essay. Essential tips from this article will aid you in writing it in case you get such an assignment.