How to Choose a Proper Topic for Your Sociology Research

Superb Sociology Research Proposal Topics For Your Paper

Sociology studiesthe society and various processes that take place in it. This discipline explains the way people interact with each, explores different cultures and their unique customs. This sphere is very broad, so you have an almost unlimited choice of various compelling sociology research topics for your paper. However, it gives you a chance to address the issue that no one has studied before.

The Important Features of a Sociology Research Paper

Before you start working on your research, consider our recommendations that will help you in the process of writing:

  • If you experience doubt and struggle with choosing the right sociology research topic, seek inspiration in various available articles on sociology – scientists and experts will provide you with ideas and compelling issues to consider.
  • Focus on the matter that arouses your genuine excitement and interest. What concerns you the most? What would you like to explore? Maybe you’ve been wondering how digitalization affects various cultures. Find a matter of interest and produce a high-quality paper.
  • Make sure that your sociology researchtopic is not too broad or too narrow. If you select an extremely wide theme, your work might be lacking the required focus. Choose a subject that can be easily researched.
  • Do not forget about formatting. Follow the guidelines provided by your professor. Your research paper may be brilliant, but neglecting proper formatting is likely to result in an unsatisfying mark.
  • Mind the relevance of the chosen theme and strive for scientific novelty. You should exclude duplication and work on something that has not been developed before you.
  • State the main issues clearly and briefly describe what you want to address. Provide possible solutions and the methods of dealing with the discussed problems.

Sociology Research Proposal Topics on Internet and Media

  1. The positive impact of the Internet on society and individuals
  2. The influence of media on people’s opinion concerning feminism
  3. The impact of social media on high school students
  4. Can social media lead to isolation and the feeling of loneliness?
  5. Is it true that social networks cause self-obsession?
  6. How does technological revolution impact American society?
  7. Does the frequent use of Facebook affect mental health?
  8. Does Google make us clever?
  9. Cyberbullying among college students
  10. The popularity of certain social networks in different segments of society
  11. The effects of social media on human interaction
  12. How do crime TV shows impact people?
  13. The phenomenon of internet memes
  14. Social networks addiction
  15. Is it true that only young people can get addicted to social networks?
  16. How do romantic comedies affect women?
  17. The phenomenon of blogging as a new profession
  18. Anorexia as an effect of social media marketing
  19. The effect of social networks on educational processes
  20. Why does television news mostly consist of violence and suffering?

Sociology Research Proposal Topics on Family

  1. The value of family for modern teenagers
  2. Factors that determine a successful marriage
  3. Domestic violence as a central issue in social theory
  4. The social phenomenon of voluntary childlessness
  5. Social structure and domestic violence
  6. The sociology of single parenting
  7. Social factors that impact teenage pregnancy
  8. The long-term impact of parental divorce on a child’s well-being
  9. The effect of capitalism on family relationships
  10. How does a family shape a child’s life?
  11. The weakening of family values as the main cause for social issues in modern American society
  12. The quality of social life in US immigrant families
  13. The impact of single parenting on children
  14. Middle-class children and their social success
  15. Sociology of unconventional families
  16. The impact of cross-racial adoption on children
  17. The effect of helicopter parenting on college adjustment
  18. The influence of low income on a child’s well-being
  19. The impact of social changes on the family as a social unit
  20. Combination of family roles

Medical Sociology Research Proposal Topics

  1. The influence of globalization on human health
  2. Unequal access to healthcare depending on the social class
  3. Euthanasia from a sociological perspective
  4. The significance of ethical values in healthcare system planning
  5. Quality of social life in people with chronic disease
  6. The value of health in modern society
  7. Ways to improve healthcare for senior citizens
  8. Main social factors that cause poor health quality
  9. The impact of air pollution on the health of a population in the US
  10. The impact of poverty on women’s health and psychosocial well-being
  11. Healthcare worker immigration: causes and trends
  12. Sociology of eating disorders
  13. Is belonging to a particular social class and anorexia related?
  14. The role of culture in eating disorders
  15. The quality of social life in people with celiac disease
  16. The role of social factors in children with asthma
  17. The influence of arthritis on social life quality
  18. Main factors that impact the quality of social life in people with HIV
  19. The significance of sociology in health promotion
  20. Age as a sociological variable in the mental illness

Sociology Research Proposal Topics on Youth Culture

  1. The ways of solving sex issues in people under 18
  2. Should sex education be a part of a school program?
  3. The nature of school bullying and peer victimization
  4. The effectiveness of school intervention in reducing bullying
  5. Adult recognition of bullying in schools
  6. Bullying: is it possible to solve the problem by changing the school?
  7. The phenomenon of hipsters and its impact on future occupational choices
  8. The effective ways to motivate teenagers to go into sports
  9. Millennials as a phenomenon: what is to be expected from this generation?
  10. The differences in work values in millennials and baby boomers
  11. The appearance of subcultures
  12. The sociology of youth subcultures in the US
  13. The connection between youth subcultures, musical taste, and fashion
  14. The impact of music on teenagers
  15. The phenomenon of nationalism among teenagers
  16. The sociology of alcohol abuse and smoking among young people

Sociology Research Proposal Topics on Nationality and Race

  1. International marriage is changing within the time
  2. The impact of nationality in government jobs
  3. The adoption of patriotism studies in different educational institutions
  4. How do social status and patriotism correlate?
  5. The influence of foreign education on career success
  6. Patriotism among different countries
  7. Patriotism: a social psychological perspective
  8. Nationalism and immigration
  9. The effect of racial stereotypes on self-esteem
  10. The most common racial stereotypes among college students
  11. The impact of racial stereotypes on the general understanding of race and crime
  12. How do race and educational level correlate?
  13. The impact of an international marriage on a child’s national consciousness
  14. The correlation between immigration and crime rate in the US
  15. Factors that determine the individual perception of immigration

Sociology Research Topics on Eating and Food Industry

  1. Is there a need for food education in today’s society?
  2. The correlation between food traditions and health
  3. The phenomenon gastronationalism
  4. The effect of food culture on national identity
  5. Social adjustment in children with obesity
  6. The correlation between social class and childhood obesity
  7. Social risk factors for children with obesity
  8. How does technology impact eating habits in modern society?
  9. Veganism and social justice
  10. The social effects of vegetarianism
  11. Vegan children: health and social well-being
  12. How does the fast-food industry change modern society?
  13. Brunch traditions in different countries
  14. The perception of genetically modified products in different countries

More Interesting Sociology Research Proposal Topics

  1. The significance of sociological knowledge in modern society
  2. Society as a complex system
  3. The connection between social isolation and suicide
  4. The main factors in the process of socialization
  5. How does socialization influence personality formation?
  6. The role of life ideals and values in the personality formation
  7. Factors that impact the occupational rating
  8. Factors that determine career choice
  9. The problem of social adaptation of workers
  10. The correlation between religion and social development
  11. How does leadership style affect labor efficiency?
  12. Strike as a strong indication of a productive conflict
  13. The effective ways to deal with interpersonal conflicts
  14. Threatening ecological issues in modern society
  15. How does the environment impact society?

Now you have plenty of topics to choose from. We hope that our selection will help you find a compelling topic and serve as a good start in your research. Interesting sociological projects make you a better student and a specialist in this sphere. When you start exploring the wide world of sociology, you may realize that it is more exciting and engaging than it seems. If you have troubles with your sociology research,remember that there is an option to hire professional writers. Leave your assignment to experts and forget about worrying.