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Privacy Policy

We appreciate privacy and adhere to several important principles in order to protect your confidential data. You may become familiar with the following affirmations:

  • We never enquire about the bigger amount of your personal information, as we need. You may be convinced that we always ask only for essential data to provide the range of our services.
  • There is a guarantee that the private information from our clients cannot remain on our websites any longer than the law claims.
  • We try our best to afford our customers to maximize the monitoring and verification over the allocation, keeping, search engine indexing, and removing their private data from the website.
  • Our purpose is to obtain absolute explicitness and distinctness, concerning the gathering, storing and distribution of your information.

Hereafter, there is our Privacy Policy that was constituted according to these fundamentals.

Basic facts about our company and the policy covering

The name of the company that owns this website is The privacy policy defined in this document has respect to the confidential data that come to us while our clients use the subsequent resources, such as:

  • This website:;
  • Android and iOS applications of our company;
  • Other products or services which are proposed on our website, among others, the process of scanning for anti-plagiarism;

We are focused on the acknowledgment of your entitlement to the privacy and protection of your personal data. “Private Information” refers to any data that may have relevance to you, either expressly or by implication, and we give the promise to defend it.

The data connecting with the ways that we use to collect, employ, preserve and, moreover, the available opportunities to regulate this type of information is presented below.

You may review it and, please, do not hesitate to contact us in case of any supplementary questions.

The process of obtaining private information

Our company may receive your confidential data, using different ways. For example, directly from you, from our business associates, by means of legal mechanism, let us say, through the agreements that you draw up with our company or with our members of the consolidated group who functionate for your benefit, with the object of implementation of the contractual or other law- based commitments.

You should know that we always request your personal authorization and approval, from you straightly or from the external parties that got your consent to impart your private data to our company.

The type of data to be collected

When using our website, we instantly collect the next data:

  • Your IP- address;
  • The device type that is being used to get connected to the website;
  • Engineering (technical) info;
  • The process of your cooperation with our website

Below there is our cookie policy that may help you to better identify the data we gather and the ways we analyze the information.

Data types Causes for gathering data
1 User`s physical address
  • Invoice billing and issuing;
2 User`s telephone number
  • User confirmation and verification;
  • Instantaneous communicative means with the user;
  • Client support;
3 User`s email
  • The prime tool of communication with the user;
  • Marketing (advertising) info supply for the user;
4 User`s first name and surname
  • User validation (verification);
  • Invoice issuing and billing, including the user`s taxes;
  • Preclusion of access fraud of the website as well as the reselling of the accounts;
5 User`s location
  • User confirmation (verification);
  • Tax and value-added tax (VAT) assignments;
  • Debarment of access fraud of the website as well as the reselling of the accounts

The main reasons for collecting private information

In fact, we collect private data from our users, having one or several of the causes below:

  • To maintain the service delivery that you ordered on our website;
  • To recall you of services and products that you were interested in within admissible timeline after your visiting our website, whether you are a present client;
  • To apply the undertakings that are fixed in the contract of the Company;
  • According to the law, for example, in case you have concluded an agreement with our company;
  • With the purpose of your notification, concerning our services and products under the condition that you have agreed to get this information type;
  • To provide you information with regards to the services and products that have been acquired by purchase through the website and some similar ones;

The reasons for gathering info from you

We can compile your information on two grounds:

  • Whether we are entitled by your authorization to gather the information that was imparted to us in a law or contract;
  • Providing that we possess your agreement for a particular activity, such as the consummation of a briefing book or services, etc.

Lawful base to process your private data

Our company continues compiling your private information in one or several of the next situations:

  • The law requires to do it;
  • We have got your consent;
  • You have concluded a treaty with us;
  • You have established your willingness to impart the information;
  • You have booked the services that our company has to fulfill.

How we may get your private data

We may obtain your information as well as your permission for the processing and using it through the next methods:

  • Completing the form or mailing a letter to our website;
  • Calling upon our regular (official) phone numbers;
  • Having ordered our services or products through our website;
  • By leaving reviews, comments or feedback on our website.

Your submitted information can be of private, material (financial), instructional subject- matters as well as it may directly refer to your purchase orders.

Data that we get from other information providers

Whether you utilize other websites that we manage or cooperate with, book products or services from our network, or convey your data to our business associates who have the authorization to transmit information to our company, we may receive your private info.

Another way to get your information is data accessing on behalf of the third parties, in particular, business associates and subsidiaries (subcontractors) in different areas, such as technical, delivery and financial as well as the marketing chains, advertising networks, the establishment of background check, and other origins that are authorized to gather your data and transfer it to us.

Furthermore, we hold the title to keep files that were uploaded, downloaded or accessible files while making use of our website. Moreover, we invite you to avoid sharing with us those files that you are not entitled to utilize. We do not ensure the safety of such files so that the files which comprise your private data or confidential information of the third sides are forbidden to convey to us without the authorization of the third parties.

Whom we convey your data

Your private information that you share with us may be transferred to the third parties whether you provided your permission or we hold lawful authorization to share this data.

You should notice that the information may be provided to the next parties:

  • Our subsidiaries, as it is stated in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006;
  • Our authorized (legal) partners and sub-contractors, in case that the information which you provided is required in order to implement our or their contractual commitments;
  • Our advertising branch (the marketing department) that will provide you with advertising promo- materials after your registration on our website;
  • With the third sides whether you provided your consent.

Other causes why we can convey your information to the third parties

Whether and all its holdings are gained by the third parties, the private information that our users share with us will be transmitted as a section of our holdings to the third parties. You may get familiar with some other causes of why your private information can be transferred to third parties.

They are the following ones:

  • If it is essential to avert the risk of fraud or any other negative exposures;
  • In order to uphold the security, lawful titles or assets of or our users;
  • To employ or fulfill our website arrangements, in particular, Terms of Use;
  • Whether a governmental organization makes a legal inquiry to share information;
  • When there are some legal commitments that we must submit.

Accumulated and anonymous data

At times we can supply the third sides with data that has been integrated, converted into anonymous information, or both. As a result, it means that we have withdrawn your private information, any of which may be employed to authenticate you.

Despite the fact that this type of information is not considered to be private data and it is a section of statistical info, nevertheless, you are entitled to contradict the transmission of such information.

Where we keep and analyze your information

We keep your private information mainly in the USA or the EU (“EEA”). Whether you agree with this privacy policy, you give us your consent to keep the information beyond these states when we have the requested keeping area.

We codify the information that was shared with us by using the newest innovative technology so that the data is guarded against the external access of the unaccredited parties.

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