The Fundamental Knowledge About the Death Penalty Essay for Students

The renewal of the death penalty for violent murders is a theme for active discussions in the world, due to the upraised level of violence and outlaw. News media often sensationalize villainy burning the hot debates around the death penalty. Students must examine this essay topic in detail: consider the arguments that benefit the death penalty and the opposite opinion. An essay should consist of:

  1. Introduction. It supposes proving the relevance and importance of this topic, complicates related to this theme, and an essay outline.
  2. The main part chapters traditionally start from the statement (the main argument that explains what the paragraph is telling about). The following text must have evidence from the reputable sources in favor of the statement phrase. Expressing the opinion while analyzing is welcome.
  3. The summarizing is the conclusion of the most important thoughts and answering the core question.

The death penalty is a complex theme about the most sensitive moral issues. For working out a personal attitude toward this procedure, an author should do extensive research with the examination of archive materials of the historical documents. This type of academic work belongs to a persuasive essay. Therefore, do your best to be maximally convincing in your words basing on weighty facts.

Death Penalty and Capital Punishment: Do These Definitions Have the Same Meaning?

Many students think that these mean the same, while there is a notable difference between them. The implementation of the death penalty does not suppose death. It applies to a prisoner who has the death verdict, but he or she has been still alive. The actual execution process is called capital punishment.

Capital punishment is the ending of the death penalty. Pending execution due to various reasons (looming, threatening) refers to a death penalty. Confession may lead to its cancellation by the court administration.

Many murderers with the death penalty sentence are still alive.  A death warrant is a long term, triggering process which the court administration may change it to a lesser verdict or jail for life. Prisoner execution refers to capital punishment.

In the USA, the Bureau of Justice Statistics controls the time between the imposition of a death sentence and execution. Also, it gathers data on sentenced people.

A student should distinguish the meanings of the death penalty and capital punishment while writing an essay. These definitions are not interchangeable. Although estimating the problem in general, perhaps no one would correct you.

Disadvantages of the Death Penalty

There are numerous arguments against the death penalty due to practical and ethical reasons. The look of the punishment is evident: it is degrading, savage, and sordid. The opponents claim that a criminal must go through severe pain, leaving a mess of body after the killing procedure. That roughly brutalizes society calling destroying moral effects.

The Constitution of many countries says that human life is the highest value, while a death penalty is an outrage even for a murderer. The most tolerant people say that accepting the death penalty, we do not leave a chance for changes. History knows many cases of false accusations, which means that people lost their lives inequitably. But nothing can be changed, unlike in the case of a life sentence. The position of the tolerant ones is leaving life to a criminal in prison since society will be protected.

Capital punishment looks like a public spectacle of a person’s death. Relatives of an executed criminal usually have a higher level of mental and behavioral diseases comparing to relatives of a prisoner with a life sentence. And, eventually, there is a lack of facts that the death penalty deters criminals more effectively than life in jail.

Advantages of the Death Penalty

Many arguments defend the death warrant. The weightiest evidence is that it decreases the level of violent crimes in society. Other criminals will realize that they will not be able to escape the punishment in case of their horrible actions. Therefore, they will have to think several times before committing a crime. No sympathy for criminals is the state’s reply to an offender.

The financial issue also matters. Getting rid of a hopeless criminal relieves the state from a burden of housing and feeding them within the penitentiary system and reduces the problem of overcrowding in prison.

Also, there is always a chance that a person will not change his damaging views and re-offend anyone. That is impossible in case of death. Keeping the rest population safe and protected is more important for a government than the carrying of a violent offender. The death penalty excludes the threat of an escape and crime recurrence while alternative sentences create.

The death of a criminal will bring safeness to people who suffered from the offender and their families. Proponents say that the death penalty is a massive tool to preserve law and order in society, exclude violent crimes, reject an opportunity to cause future tragedies caused by this person. And despite all cons, this method is financially cheaper than life imprisonment.

Types of Capital Punishment in the United States of America

Society knows several methods of punishment. Among them are:

  • electrocution (the electricity causes organs killing from the inside);
  • lethal injections (toxin injections that cause painless death within several hours);
  • beheading (culprit’s head is cut apart from the body);
  • stoning (beating an offender by stones until dying);
  • firing squad (shoot in the head or chest of a criminal);
  • hanging (hanging off a criminal till the death).

Modern methods of execution are quick and less painful than traditional methods. Today, lethal injections are a primary way of the death penalty in the US. Some states use tranquilization only. Some states admit other types of execution too. Depending on the state laws, a criminal may have a choice of punishment.

The sentence of death can be stated in cases when a criminal has killed a victim intentionally or inflicted body injuries that caused death. Today, the government uses capital punishment in 28 states. According to the law, mentally disabled criminals and people less than eighteen years old at the time of a crime cannot get a death sentence.

Muslims and Capital Punishment

Generally, Islam allows the death penalty, although forgiving and peace are preferable according to Quran. For Muslims, the death penalty is the severest punishment. The most frequent ways of execution are beheading, firing squad, stoning, and hanging.  But each case demands an individual approach on the base of justice. Muslims prefer to pass light sentences if they are appropriate.

According to Sharia laws, the death penalty can take place for different crimes, such as intentional murder, destroying the state order, destabilizing the situation inside of the country.

In 2005, there was an attempt by the European government to reject corporative punishment and stoning. However, Islamic leaders preferred to remain without changes.

Capital Punishment in Europe

Europe is the leader of the active fight against capital punishment, bounding on human rights. European politics is in the following:

  • prohibits sales of medicines and equipment necessary for torments;
  • funds campaign to upraise awareness to abolish capital punishments;
  • participates in civil groups in the countries with the legalized death warrant for monitoring, documenting, and illuminating;
  • joins any active measurements addressed to the death penalty cancellation, adopts resolutions, hosts debates suppressing opposition.

The European Union uses its diplomatic and political power to persuade the government of the countries and cancel the death penalty or at least to keep the elementary international standards. Belarus is the only European country with legalized executions while Russia has announced a moratorium.

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