Article review writing guide for aspiring writers

An article review is an assignment where an author summary someone else publication. This type of work is frequently asked by professors at various studying establishments to introduce students to professionals in the specific field. Experts write article reviews too upon the paperwork of other specialists to widen their professionalism and get acquainted with the point of view of their colleagues.

A review may be critical or literary. A critical one supposes a detailed analysis of an article or book such as the strong and weak points, credibility of the source article, its relevance to the topic. Meanwhile, literary review means a broader sort of paper.

Students are getting a grade from a professor at college or university. And what is the goal of an article review? Firstly, reading an opinion of another expert helps an author realize the impressions from the material, whether the information was valuable, and if the aside readers would like it. And article review is feedback for journalists to estimate their work and perhaps correct or improve it. This project upraises writing skills for an author. The most hot-button topics catch the interest of a wider circle of people, so the largeness audience estimation is a factor of matter too.

The writing process involves:

  • summing up, arrangement, theoretical studies, criticism, comparing;
  • theoretics, conceptions, explorations related to the theme;
  • innovation information is a must.

Let’s discuss in detail how this process should be.

Writing an Article Review Cycle-by-Cycle

Use the following guide to write your mind-blowing article review:

  1. Preparation period. Work tightly with the text. Convince the audience in the comprehension of your judging. Concentrate on summing up the core thoughts, arguments, opinions, and then estimating its effectiveness. Critics must be proven, based on facts, and include the author’s reasoning.
  2. Structurize the article review. Find out the achievements and compare them with controversy in the text. Take into consideration the meaningful information only. The facts must support a thesis statement, and there should be enough facts in the source. The text of the article must not leave any question. After gathering all this information, start writing your review.
  3. Article preview. Now it’s time to structure the text. Traditionally, it should contain an introduction, headings, statements, arguments for each chapter, and then summarizing. Make the first-time overall reading and estimate the lack of your text. Perhaps, some phrases are not precise enough, or the meaning calls some questions. Make the corrections.

If you have some spare time, it is better to leave a draft for a few days or at least hours to reread it with a fresh mind. Do the corrections of typing and spelling errors, grammar, and punctuation?

Journal Article Review

A journal article review must be maximally constructive. Use the following writing steps:

  1. Read a publication you are going to review attentively. For publishing, pay attention to the format, guidance list of an article. Evaluating and structuring in the next is necessary.
  2. During reading the first time, identify a thesis, argument, introduction, and summarizing.
  3. Make the notes while reading an article the second time, perhaps, split the text into the sections. Now you should have a closer article reading, paying more attention to its sense. Indicate the problem, consequences, left questions, the effectiveness of the argument proving, etc.
  4. Estimate the article. Explore the used writing techniques used in the text, pay attention to the introduction, and its connection to the overall meaning. Examine the article’s references, sources review, citing, and their credibility, estimate the quality of problem-solving. Analyze the appendixes and other visual information and how useful they are in the text. If an article is not related to science, decide if an argument is convincing enough.
  5. The writing stage. A published article must remain simple, concise, and concrete to be understandable to all circles of readers. Start writing the review text basing on your notes. Start from a thesis statement, then create a body text t support the evidence. Be maximally constructive, never focus on weak points.

When the draft is ready, show it to someone familiar with the topic or writing in general. The feedback may help to make the final corrections. As soon as you finish the text, start editing and proof-reading.

Research Article Review

The main difference between a research article and a review article is the meaning. Research articles suppose a report on the source with methods and results description, and discussion analysis. A review is a summarizing of the current state of research on the given theme.

Research article review bases mostly on academic journals. These are credible sources that have come through a head-to-toe checking. The journal articles are usually well-structured with the information that easy to find. An article reviewer should read and understand the article, analyze the findings. Critical review should include summarizing, evaluating, and suggest a cross-over comment upon the arguments represented in the source.

For a literature review, a writer may need to evaluate numerous journal articles or one article only (usually, it is short paperwork).

The structure is classic: introduction, body chapters, and summing up. While reading an article for research, pay attention to the following points:

  • the usefulness of the data provided in the text;
  • the attitude of a writer to the subject of study;
  • the goal of the article;
  • quality of the convincing facts;
  • the relevance of the references used in the article;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the used methodology;
  • the successfulness of the transmitting the information;
  • existing of the new theory in the text;
  • the connection between your area of studying and the article.

These key factors will coordinate you in writing a comprehensive research article review.

Science Article Review

Scientific reviews are being a powerful tool for those who need several research studies in one paperwork without time-wasting for research and its results by themselves. It includes objective information according to the subject and represents why the results in the study are valid or not. In the studying establishments, the goal of the type of work is to explore if further research is reasonable, basing on a short assignment.

Science article reviews are often a chain of work. So, each particular one achieves an organization and connection with the past work according to the theme, exploring in-depth the recent knowledge. The results must be clear, accurate, matching the stick formatting standards.

As a part of a chain, a single work should examine the previous studying and compare the data with the recent ones. Sometimes, narrative reviews are useful too. They may not include an in-depth analysis of one or a group of studies, while systematic paperwork does provide detailed information and involves in-depth research. Combining data from several science article reviews makes a conclusion stronger than a single study work.

A well-written science article review focuses on the theme, for instance, progress dynamics, influences of inventions from the past on the discovery. A single review article might reference several resources for detailed research in a specific field of study.

The chained works have their pros and cons. While providing more data, they require more time for consuming. Also, the complex of statistical data and their interpretation may complicate the paperwork.

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