What Is an Argumentative Essay and How to Write It

Not all students have great expertise in preparing top-quality academic papers, and it is especially true when it comes to argumentative essay. Some young people find it complicated and even can’t start creating content as they do not understand all its peculiarities. If you discover important nuances of crafting this common project, your journey to the high grades will not be so difficult and stressful. Keep on reading and find out all secrets of writing the paper, which will appeal to your professor with the first phrase

An argumentative essay is one of the most wide-spread papers which the students have to prepare. Such content aims to present both sides of an issue or an argument and inform the readers rather than convenience in something. A student should have the following skills to create a winning paper:

  • analytical skills;
  • research skills;
  • writing skills.

Students who are successful in writing an argumentative essay also improve the skills of debating. Further, these young people will not have any difficulties with speaking in the public that will become their great advantage. While crafting an argumentative essay, you should concentrate on actual data and facts rather than provide your own preferences or ideas. The creator should present arguments equally, and the whole essay should resemble political debates with oneself.

Argumentative Essay: Crucial Elements

It is necessary to know what structure an argumentative essay has; otherwise, you will not be able to craft winning content that is arranged properly. There are three vital elements of an argumentative essay:

  1. Position. You need to choose a certain side of the argument and talk about it. Let’s take tobacco as an example. You may talk about the necessity to restrict it in your area, and at the same time to support the initial statement. Reasons that demonstrate the awful harm of tobacco for the person’s health will help you express your position. 
  2. Evidence. This element of the argumentative essay must prove the reasons that you have mentioned before. Evidence will not have any meaning without real facts. You can mention references or citations from the recent surveys or researches as proof. All in all, you should do your best to prove the statement. 
  3. Counterarguments. Here you need to state another issue side with convincing arguments from your point of you. Afterward, it is required to introduce further evidence for proving that counterarguments are false. 

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

If you want to come up with astonishing content and still do not waste time, then follow this step-by-step guide and achieve your goal quickly. 

Step 1: Choose The Topic

You can write your argumentative essay on so many topics that choosing only one may be challenging. Looking through possible themes, do not forget to take into consideration such nuances:

  • relation to the subject that you are studying;
  • significance;
  • potential worth for further research;
  • inherent values.

Despite what topic you will choose, it is important to introduce it in a debate form. Put is more straightforward; you need to say why option B is better than A, or vice versa. If you seek the best topic for your argumentative essay, you can look at this starting list and choose the most suitable one. 

  1. Have people become more dependent on modern technologies?
  2. Are electric vehicles better in terms of financial benefit?
  3. Does playing violent video games have a bad impact on kids?
  4. Is it worth to invest money in cryptocurrencies? 
  5. Microsoft against Apple: which brand satisfies students’ needs better? 

If you are studying at high school, consider a few great examples that you can choose from:

  • is it necessary to low the minimal age for driving a car?
  • do athletes get a too high salary?
  • should the students of high schools be allowed to choose classes on their own?
  • what foreign language should American students learn?

Being a student of the college means that the complexity of the subject must grow. Here are some of them:

  • is the legalization of marijuana beneficial from an economic point of view?
  • what technological advancement had the most incredible impact on humans?
  • is it necessary to sacrifice certain public services to lower taxes?
  • can we state that Russia is as powerful as China and the USA?

Step 2: Performing a Research

Good research is vital for creating a top-quality paper. You can do conduct it in several steps:

  1. Selecting the side which you are going to introduce.
  2. Finding the argument that your audience will like.
  3. Looking for supporters of the argument.
  4. Studying possible objections from the readers.
  5. Arranging the evidence.

Also, the data that you are going to use must meet certain requirements that are timeless, accuracy, reliability, bias, and validity of sources.  

Step 3: Crafting an outline for the essay

After choosing the topic and realizing what you are going to write about, it is high time to put all your thoughts altogether and make an outline. An argumentative essay has five paragraphs and consists of the introduction, the main body (2-3 paragraphs), and a conclusion. Of course, each has its own structure and peculiarities, knowing which is crucial for crafting awesome content. Let’s look at this closer:

  1. Introduction. The first thing that you should do is to attract readers’ attention. Just write a sentence that will stand out or think of adding a quote or some intriguing idea. It would help if you kept them interested in reading the paper until the very end. When you grab the readers’ attention, you should add some background information to narrow the discussed topic. Finally, a statement thesis comes. It must clearly state your idea and the reasons proving that it is correct. 
  2. Body paragraphs. The first sentence should accurately take the focus from the previous section to the next one. Besides, it must present the major sub-argument. After writing a topic sentence, you need to link the significant sub-argument to a thesis statement. The main goal here is to demonstrate how the point justifies a central message. Next, you need to support a claim, for instance, with references, statistics, and logical ideas. As a result, your essay will look more valid. The main body is finished with a concluding statement. It must summarize all information and show why the discussed point is so crucial. Mind that each body paragraph must contain all this data.
  3. Conclusion. The first sentence of every conclusion must turn the readers back to a thesis statement. Show your confidence about a successful proving the point. Probably, the audience has forgotten about some facts that you have stated in the essay. Choose the main points and observe them once again. To make the most awesome impression on readers, think of a remarkable concluding statement. You should make them willing to go on investigating the topic. 

Step 4: Proofreading

It is not recommended to check the argumentative essay just after writing it. Let it lay on your table before proofreading. Use all available tools to check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. If there is somebody who can proofread your work, then use this opportunity. As a practice shows, another person looks at the same text at a different angle. Mind several questions that you can ask yourself to make sure that your argumentative essay is worth the highest grade:

  • does the thesis present the statement in which the readers can name the pros and cons?
  • have you organized all arguments clearly?
  • are mentioned examples strong enough to support the arguments?
  • are counterarguments presented successfully?
  • is the concluding part convincing sufficient to make the readers investigate the topic further? 

Argumentative Essay Examples

You can find many examples of argumentative essay on the Internet, but it is better not to rely on them entirely. Each topic is unique and requires detailed research and support of the arguments. For instance:

“Many workers have no opportunity to strike and express their opinion towards poor working conditions and infringement of rights. This infringement prevents them from performing their duties well. Allowing employees to strike will motivate them to work better as they feel that their rights and needs are taken into consideration. All countries in the world should let public employees strike…”

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